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Below are five of my research articles dealing with hope, health, and healing. They are listed in order of increasing complexity. Even if you are not a professional psychologist, feel free to explore as many of these as you like.: (Click on the title to access the full-text)

Hope, Attachment, & Love
This is a fairly non-technical article that Dr. Henry Biller and I presented at Villanova University in the summer of 2003 at an international conference on altruism. It explains our theory of hope, and demonstrates the importance of love and attachment in the development of hope. This is more of a philosophical and spiritual article than a traditional, experimental study that you might find in a highly specialized scientific journal.

Hope, Optimism and Health
This is a very readable article based on some research I conducted with my students at Keene State College. We wanted to see if short-term health status was affected by an individual's level of hope or optimism. Although many people use the words "hope" and "optimism" interchangeably, for research purposes we chose to separate these two emotions. This means we relied on different tests to give us a measure of both an individual's level of hope and a measure of their level of optimism. Our results indicated that hope may be more important than optimism in supporting one's health, at least in the short-run.

Coping and Derived Meaning as Moderators of Chronic Illness
This is a readable article that is based on research I conducted with the late Dr. David McClelland (formerly professor emeritus at Harvard University). We studied young and old adults with varying amounts of chronic illness. We were trying to figure out what kinds of coping strategies boost morale in the face of illness, loss, and even death. I believe you will find the results of this study very interesting.

The Comprehensive Hope Test
This is a technical (but not overly difficult) article that summarizes some of the research that went into developing the hope test that appears on this website.

Measuring Hope from the Rorschach
This is a highly technical article for professionals who are interested in assessing hope with the Rorschach Inkblot Test. If you are not familiar with this test, it may be best to skip this particular article. It describes a study that my colleagues and I designed for the purpose of deriving an adult hope index from the Rorschach. (We are now in the process of developing a Rorschach adolescent hope index).

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